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Baba Eleasah Ben Israel  (Ollie Fisher)

Dr. Ollie Fisher received his Chemical Engineering and Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees from Washington University.  He has experience in public health, military medicine and private practice.  Dr. Fisher was appointed to the Missouri Board of Health and Senior Services by Governor Carnahan in 1998 and served for 9 years.  He is the former owner of Eternity Vegetarian Deli and Everlasting Life Health Food Store.  Dr. Fisher currently operates the Fisher Wellness Center in Florissant, Missouri.  He believes that prevention is better than cure.

Priti Gulati Cox

Priti Gulati Cox is an artist who lived in India until she moved to Salina, Kansas in 2000. In 2008, she began work on a project entitled Vanishing India, that reveals the effects of corporate globalization on the social, economic and political fabric of India. She goes back to India at the end of every year to continue doing research on this on-going body of work.

Stan Cox

Stan Cox has worked in wheat and sorghum breeding for almost thirty years. He was a geneticist with USDA in Manhattan, Kansas from 1983 to 1996 and has since been a senior scientist at The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. He is on the editorial board of Synthesis / Regeneration.

Don Fitz

Don Fitz is editor of Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought, which is sent to members of The Greens/Green Party USA.  He is Co-coordinator of the Green Party of St. Louis and produces Green Time TV in conjunction with KNLC in St. Louis.

Eric Herm

A farmer, naturalist, and activist, Eric Herm was raised on a cotton farm near Ackerly, Texas. He left the farm to pursue other interests, and then traveled extensively in America, Mexico, Europe, and Northern Africa. The lifestyles and cultures he experienced and the people he met helped open his mind to the endless means by which to live a richer, more fulfilling life. Herm later returned to the land  in 2005 that has been in his family for nearly a century and rededicated his life to farming. His first book, Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth, was published in 2010. His new book, Surviving Ourselves, was released this year.

Orin Langelle

Orin Langelle is the board chair of Global Justice Ecology Project and a photojournalist who is compiling four decades of concerned photography that documents the social and ecological struggle against capitalism. He started his activism during the Viet Nam war and has been involved in Indigenous People’ rights and forests in Mexico (Chiapas), Nicaragua, Chile and other countries. Since 2004 Langelle participated in every United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from Buenos Aires to the recent Durban summit. He has attended other UN meetings concerning Indigenous Peoples rights. Biodiversity and forests. He also monitors the World Bank involvement in development and displacement schemes, such as REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation).

Anne Petermann

Anne Petermann is the Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project. She is also the Coordinator of the STOP GE Trees Campaign; the North American Focal Point for the Global Forest Coalition; and a member of the Board of Directors of the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series. She has been involved in movements for forest protection and Indigenous rights since 1991 and the international and national climate justice movements since 2004. Anne speaks around the world about climate justice and against socially and environmentally destructive "false solutions" to climate change. She also speaks on the destructive social, ecological and climatological impacts of genetically engineered trees, and second generation biofuels made from wood.

Suzanne Renard

Suzanne Renard has actively resisted biotechnology for decades, as a vocal organic farmer, beekeeper, teacher, and mom to 3 food-savvy, nature-loving, musical sons.   She penned the musical-comedy "New Mac Donald"  (an allegory about a farmer who gets enlightenment,) and co-wrote "Veil of Silence" (Kline-nominated for best new play, 2007).

Daniel Romano (digger)

Daniel "digger" Romano has worked for Social and Environmental Justice for 30 years. He supported the effort to prevent the forced relocation of Dineh people in northeast Arizona and helped to create local food networks as an alternative to industrial and biotech agriculture. In 2002, he was the Missouri Green Party candidate for the US Senate. 

Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero

Bilingual author, investigative journalist and environmental educator. Director of the Puerto Rico Project on Biosafety. Research associate of the Institute for Social Ecology, senior fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program, and fellow of the Oakland Institute. He is a prolific writer of articles on biotechnology, agroecology, eco-politics and food sovereignty.