Why We Are Trying to Find a Soulmate

The idea that you need to meet your soulmate for happiness probably appeared in your head. Men and women are looking for someone who will become their integral part, soulmate, who understands them perfectly.

Falling in love is characterized by total admiration and adoration of the partner. However, people ignore the fact that having relationships is a mature process, which has its stages of development and mistakes as well. To avoid them, you should be familiar with at least the most common ones.

You will Never Bring the Time Back

A good relationship may be destroyed by the thought that the couple is two halves of the whole. In fact, two individuals are involved in the relationship. The couples tend to recall the initial stages of their romance. Sometimes these attempts are as unhealthy and unnatural as breakfast, lunch, and dinner with fast food. How much can you eat it?

Don’t Expect Him/Her to Solve Your Problem

The new partner should love us more and appreciate our company. We have all our hopes and aspirations on him. He or she should become a universal anesthetic, saving from everyday pains. That’s how we think.

Having created own family, people expect that since they are the halves, then they will help to solve different types of personal problems. Frequently, people start relationships being damaged by the previous ones. It happens in every marriage, they discover the inconsistency of their expectations and reality, so this moment becomes an exam for maturity in a relationship. Will the partners respect each other and solve their problems themselves, or will they break up in search of a more convenient partner? This is the question to answer.

Anyway, to understand why people start relationships, it is worth to answer the question of why they want to fall in love so much. There may be many reasons for it:

1)     Fear of loneliness pushes us to tie up with almost the first guy/girl we met.

2)     It’s better to fall in love than to “meet” once again with yourself.

3)     We are looking for diversity, involving entertainment, vivid impressions.

4)     Breaking up with the previous partner, we naively hope to find happiness in a new relationship.

5)     We try to get rid of problems, find refuge from them in love, etc.

Why does the obsessive desire to fall in love happen in our lives? There is only one answer – because we don’t have it. The emptiness inside us must be filled not with a state of love, but with personal goals, plans, and aspirations that are not connected with other people. It is still impossible to fall in love on purpose.

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