How to Avoid Being Cheated by a Kept Woman?

These women do not require romantic evenings, they are ready for anything for a decent sponsorship. What is the danger of such a way of life, is there a “Code of a kept woman” and how to avoid them? Read in this article.

Code of Conduct

If you check the website for sponsors and keepers, you’ll primarily be impressed by the number of proposals. Some girls got several diplomas, they regularly do exercises and keep themselves in perfect shape.

In their case, an acquaintance should be regarded as a business: they use their beauty and get paid for it. But it doesn’t work like that. The girl decides for what purpose she becomes a kept woman. They may even date several men. Every month they are paid about $10 thousand. While this is not a serious relationship, so there are several men. However, the “Code of Conduct” says: if you find your man, you should only meet with him, because this connection is already based on feelings.

Portrait of a Typical Sponsor

There are certain qualities which attract such type of women:

  • The owner of a large enterprise;
  • Has a high status in society;
  • Either married or divorced;
  • Has no time to go clubbing and meet someone.

Sponsors whose wealth is above average think differently. They do not act as consumers. They are well-mannered, they call the kept woman “honey” and do not require intimate connection – all by mutual sympathy.

How Much Money do They Ask?

Sponsors do not like it when they are perceived as a money bag, so experienced women do not even hint about money on the first date. Girls should never complain about the lack of attention or problems at work or at home. They are always in a good mood. Men won’t ask such girls if they’re tired. They are simply not interested.

One such sponsor shares his experience: “I met my first kept woman in a restaurant. Her straightforwardness attracted me. So, we agreed that I would give her money for any needs. Using the softness of my character, she asked for more and more money. So we broke up.”


For most rich men, it’s easier not to go to bars, but to pay for access to sites and look for girls for pleasant communication without leaving the office. Most often they write themselves, and you just choose. Anyway, if you are looking for the kept woman – you have to establish the rules in order not to be cheated.

Having a young girl by yourself is a way to show success and wealth. The sponsor has a right to have relationships with several girls at the same time, therefore it is important not to get attached. Not everyone will agree to this format of relations: most often you will never become the only one for this woman.


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