Why Boyfriends Meet New Girls after a Certain Time

It often happens that a man quickly enters into a new relationship after breaking up. Even if the initiator was a woman, she is always surprised as their dreams and plans were so insignificant for the man that he immediately forgot about them. There are reasons that push him to quickly restore, and this is not always related to love.

Often, a woman stays single for a rather long time after terminating relations, while a man quickly finds himself in a new relationship. Why is this happening? Where are the real reasons, and where are the myths in this field – let’s find out together?

1) The Old Acquaintance

If your husband or lover recently met another woman and moved to her apartment, then it is not difficult to guess that this relationship did not start yesterday. No need to believe in fairy tales, do not be naive.

2) The Better One

A woman is particularly hurt by the fact that the man forgot her almost instantly. The myth looks like this: she is so beautiful, and he fell in love with her so much that he immediately started new relationships, instantly forgetting about the old ones.

It seems that your ex-husband loves her so sincerely and dearly as if he has never loved you so much. Firstly, if he didn’t love you, then it’s time to admit it: you lived with a person who entered into a relationship with you not because of a great and bright feeling but for some other reasons.

3) Let’s Restart It!

Working on relationships is generally a hard work to do, especially for men. In addition, you usually have to start by acknowledging own mistakes and continuing with the desire to fix something. Those men who value relationships are willing to invest in them, and this is normal. However, this is not your case. Your guy did not want to fix something or find some common way-outs of the crisis. He simply restarts the game like on a computer, deletes the story, and begins to play further. Why? Because it’s easier.

4) Never Alone

Some people simply can’t stand their loneliness, so don’t even expect that they will live alone for some time, rethinking their life experience. The horror of loneliness will push such a person into any relationship that can at least somehow fill a gap breached by a divorce.

In Conclusion

If your man does not fit the descriptions presented above, but really met his true love – let him go. Take it for granted: he will not change his point of view, because it is simply convenient for him to think so. Don’t worry: you will also meet Your Man, your soulmate! Just do not create myths in your head, they are all far from reality. Do not invent people for yourself, just be happy!

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